Our Mission

 "The only thing that money gives you is the freedom
of not having to worry about money"

"To create an environment of “Financial Independence” by making our client aware about their Risk Profile, Financial Goals, Asset Allocation & Portfolio Evaluation."

Key Words:

Financial Independence: It is defined as a state in which there is sufficient wealth presently or arrangements are being made for the same. It implies whether bread winner is there or not all goals will be met as planned.

Risk Profile: It entails to distinguish between "client’s ability to take risk" and "client’s willingness to take risk". Each client should be able to distinguish between perceived risk and actual risk and match it with their investment style. For example, risk averse client would prefer low risky assets like Bonds FD etc. on the other hand risk lover client would prefer high risky assets like equities, options etc.

Financial Goals: It can be short/ mid & long term identifying them separately and assigning financial value to each one of them. Further we create a plan to accomplish these goals.

Asset Allocation: Distribution of wealth to different asset classes is very important step in wealth management process. Generally, wealth managers make mistake of choosing correlated assets as a tool of diversification, which is not true. Different assets should be chosen wisely without increasing potential risk of the portfolio. Rebalancing between different assets is also important to avoid the event of skewness of portfolio towards one asset class.

Portfolio Evaluation: Regular review of portfolio ensures that underline goals will be met comfortably. As necessary actions are taken well in advance to improve efficiency of portfolio.


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