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 "The only thing that money gives you is the freedom
of not having to worry about money"

Efficient Financial Markets establishes equilibrium lending and borrowing rates. Growth of business or personally always needs additional capital. One has to leverage their positions by getting surplus funds to invest in projects which will give future financial benefits. Broadly, customers are divided into categories.

These are:

  • Individuals
  • Corporates

Individuals: Individuals need funds to buy their dream home, marriage, child’s education, vacation etc.

Lending solutions for individuals:

  • Home Loan: Individuals take home loans to buy home.
  • Personal Loan: Individuals take personal loan for their other needs such as marriage, renovation of home etc.
  • Auto Loan: Individuals take auto loan to buy vehicle
  • Loan Against Securities: Individuals can mortgage their securities such as mutual funds, shares, FDs etc. to get loan against their value.

Corporates: Corporates need money to start a new project or to replace the existing or obsolete ones. Solutions offered to corporates are:

  • Loan against securities: Corporates can mortgage their securities like mutual funds, shares, FDs etc. to get loan against their value.
  • Loan against properties: Corporates can mortgage their properties to get funds which can be used further to start a new project.

Surplus funds helps in expansion of business if used judiciously.


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