Our Approach

 "The only thing that money gives you is the freedom
of not having to worry about money"

EMPATHIZE: - At Visok Advisors we step into the shoes of our client and think as per their perspective. In other words, we immediately adapt to the investment psychology of our client and work accordingly. It is key to understand and distinguish between "client’s ability to take risk & "client’s willingness to take risk", accurate assessment is very important in either of the case because that lays path for subsequent step of planning.

PLAN: - We believe, " failing to plan is, planning to fail" and we value your hard earned wealth and so strategically decide a map on which we should proceed as per your risk profile. Step by Step methods of planning are institutionalized to ascertain trust and transparency. Planning involves construction of IPS (Investment Policy Statement) in sync with client’s risk appetite.

ALLOCATE: - Once plan is finalized upon, then comes the allocation part which is done with due care and swiftness. Execution of decided plan with timely allocation to all assets is key for superior returns.

REVIEW: - "Anything which is reviewed on regular basis, is bound to grow", keeping that in mind a regular review process of your investments is institutionalized. Once wealth is allocated as decided regular reviews are done to ensure that investments are growing as per plan. Any deviation would trigger re-assessment of plan probably changes would be made to ensure desired growth.


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